AdWyze case study. 2016 - 2017

Redesigning how digital marketers create reports for actionable insights and optimization.

AdWyze (now Clarisights) is solving a very complex problem in digital marketing space. They wanted to remove data silos by integrating multiple ad channels under one platform enabling companies to have single source of truth.

In the following case study I will showcase my design process as part of the effort to redesign the product to make it more usable and integrate new features.

My role

I was responsible for leading the design (as I was the only designer in the team) for both product and marketing. I spent approximately 1 year there and learnt a lot on designing B2B products since I had little or no knowledge about the problem when I joined.

Cross collaboration

I collaborated with our product analyst to understand the complex technicalities, and how digital marketers works and care about. I also collaborated with out lead marketer to design our landing page to convey our offerings.

Customer insights and ideation

I got the opportunity to directly talk with our enterprise customers, and understand their pain points in their workflow and any new requirements.

The challenge

The company wanted to redesign the product due to new offerings and existing design was unable to meet new feature requirements. We were dividing our current product to 2 new offerings:

  • For reporting
  • For optimization

1. Interactive report creation

Before jumping off to solutions, I along with our product analyst spent 3 months talking to our customers and identified needs or pains in our existing product. Our main goal was to understand their motivation and their success criteria.

One of the insights that continuously poped up in every conversations was how they triage a situation to find out the root cause. Normally the process starts from a higher level problem and drill down to find the problems.

The triage process was drastically different from a digital marketer to a C-level head. Digital marketer would need granular details of a marketing campaign while VP of marketing would need higher level stats on the health of the budget.

This above insights helped us in prioritizing what information to show and possible follow up actions on the dashboard.

Brainstorm ideas

Dashboard reports required 2 important components:

  • Data visualization
  • Interactive data

We looked at existing patterns that marketers use for data visualization. I explored Google Analytics and other competitors on how they were solving this problem.

During our conversations with customer we also found that most of them still use Google sheets to achieve their daily tasks. As a result we played around the idea of sheets (multiple tabs) that the marketers are accustomed to.

High fidelity screens
Onboarding customers

2. Advanced features for Optimization

When it comes B2B design, we have to also respect specific feature requests that may have higher learning curves due to complexity in nature but if it eases a specific part of the workflow we have to address it.

The following features were directed requested by the customers or were available in our competitors arsenal.

a. Ad creation
b. Advanced rules
c. Visualizing automated insights

3. Marketing site


It was great learning experience while I was at AdWyze. As a design of team one, I learned to evangelize customer goals and balance business goals. I also learned how to communicate difficult ideas to the team for buy-ins.

I am pretty sure the latest product is quite different now from how I designed it. Design is a very iterative process. We have to validate our assumptions and continuously tweak our product until it is perfect.